From my education as a social worker, they have always been an inspiration for me. People. In their relationships with the environment, where they move and live. In their relationships with other people. There is always a collaboration and interaction with the environment.

It is a challenge for me to capture the moments where these relationships are the most remarkable. By freezing time. Because a situation can change any minute or in a split second.




1957               Born in Nieuwer-Amstel, the Netherlands

1986               Courses Vincent Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam

1985 - 1993    Evening education Ruudt Wackers Akademia, Amsterdam

1985 - 2000    Lives and works in Amsterdam, the Netherlands

1987 - 2000    Traveling through Europe, Asia, Caribbean and South-America

2000 -              Lives and works in Zaandam, the Netherlands

2009 -              Model drawing at Het Weefhuis Zaandijk, the Netherlands